OnePlus 6 Review: That moment when I realized that my next phone would also be a OnePlus

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OnePlus 6 was one of the best phones OnePlus ever produced. I bought OnePlus 6 after seeing a YouTube video by Linus about the making process of OnePlus 6. This is a collection of life moments when the lightning of revelation that I made a better choice than many others struck me.

The Hardware – Durability

When I dropped my OnePlus 6 an umpteenth time and proceeded to confidently assure gasping onlookers that the phone will be fine before even picking up the phone as I was sure of a scratch-less escape.

The Alert Slider – Hide and Slide

When during a meeting, someone’s phone rang and while the speaker was looking angrily at the person, I casually slid my hand in my pocket and quietly put my phone in silent mode. Many others had to take their phone out and put them in silent mode resulting in visibly irritated gaze from the speaker. I sat there as if I am the only ordered person present.

The Performance – Beast, by all means

When my boss asked me to find something in the internet and get back to him with result, I finished my task before even completing my walk back to my seat. Because the task was a breeze on my hyper-performant phone.

OnePlus Dash Charger – Dashing in every sense

When I realized with a tidbit of panic that I kept the phone for charging without flipping the switch on and my cab was arriving in 20 minutes, a quick Dash Charge from lobby topped me up to ~40%. Otherwise I would have missed my flight because the ticket was in it.

Camera – Counting ‘That moments’

Once when my son made a cute gesture and I could capture it with all its glory due to the sub-second opening and ultra-fast focusing.

And once I confused a photo taken using my phone with a photo taken in my DSLR. There was plenty of light in the scene but the clarity was amazing.

OnePlus File Manger – An unsung hero

When I accidentally found out how efficient the OnePlus file manager was while hunting for specific files.It also does a commendable job in classifying files and bringing forward the memory hoarders.

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