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Note: This App is for health professionals and not general public.

Health worker’s toolbox is the first android app from Novice Aide. Aim of Health Worker’s toolbox is to make health worker’s life a little simple by combining a bunch of tools. This app has inputs from public health workers in selecting the tools.

Aim of this app was to provide tools which are required in the daily life of a health worker but not available easily. This was because no one other than a health worker would know such a tool could exist.

The home page of health worker’s toolbox is divided into two parts, Hospital Management and Public Health.

Hospital Management

This section has two tools, viz an Intra Dermal Rabies Vaccine Scheduler and an Insulin Vial Calculator.

Public Health Section

This one has 4 tools and more is on the way.

Number Scanner – An AI driven scanner app that can scan Indian mobile number and call them directly from the app itself. In the current scenario, a public health worker has to make a lot of calls. Many of the contacts come in printed or digital format. Calling each number using look-type-look-type-dial method is really time consuming.

Number scanner makes it easy by scanning for phone numbers from photos in the gallery or fresh ones taken using camera.

At present it only supports mobile numbers from India, but I am on my way to adding more places and a standalone app for scanning printed numbers.

Phone number scanner
Phone number scanner
Vector Indices
Vector Indices
Vector Indices

House Index, Container Index and Breteau Index calculation is a part of daily life of a health worker. These three indices needs only four parameters as seen in the above pic. As far as I know Health Worker’s Toolbox is the only app that helps in calculation of these indices.

If you have any acquaintance working in public health sector in India, share the app with them.

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