Call quality test of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Call quality is a very important aspect of any wireless headphone today.

This is a very quick call quality test of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. This gives you a clear idea about how you will be heard when you make a call with the OnePlus Bullets Bluetooth headphones.

Here is the video if you want to see the whole test.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Call Quality Test

Here is how the test was done

Here I have used two phones, a Redmi Note 10 Pro Max and a OnePlus 6. I connected the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z to the Redmi phone and made a call between the two phones. The OnePlus 6 recorded the call while in mute to avoid feedback audio interference.

The following is the recorded audio from the OnePlus 6

Voice Recording from OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

First part of the audio has some feedback as it was recorded before the OnePlus 6 was placed in mute. Once the mute was in, the actual call quality is what heard.

You can determine by yourself how it sounds and if this is the audio quality you need from the OnePlus bullets wireless Z Bluetooth headphone.

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