Does the Mi 360⁰ Home security camera 2k Pro work without internet?

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Mi 360⁰ Home security camera is a popular home security solution. It requires internet for its initial setup and live streaming. But does it stop recording if the internet is not there?

Can the Xiaomi Mi 360 home security cameras work without internet? Testing 2K Pro and 1080p
Video of the internet connectivity test

For testing the ability of Xiaomi 360 home security camera’s ability to work without an internet connection, I used a WiFi hotspot as the internet provider. This gives me fine control over the connectivity as the non-local connection to internet alone be severed leaving a live WiFi network. In this way, the effect of a loss in WiFi network alone can be tested separately from the loss of connection to the internet ( like a problem with the ISP).

Here is the procedure and the results

  • Make sure everything is working by starting to stream live. Connectivity is must for this so when a live stream is visible on the phone, it means that there is a working network.
  • Disconnected the internet by switching the mobile data OFF. This simulates loss of connectivity. WiFi network from the hotspot is still alive at this point – The live stream is still ON. It means that after the initial connection, there is no need of an internet connection for maintaining a live stream. Then I toppled a set of dominoes to create a unique motion for the camera to record.
  • After enabling the mobile data, turned OFF the hotspot. This simulates a loss of power to the router. The live stream stopped as the whole network ceased to function. Then I toppled another set of dominoes to create a separate unique motion.
  • Then I enabled the hotspot to see if there is any recordings.


The 2K pro camera recorded both events without any lag period. Secondly, the older, 1080p version could also demonstrate the same ability.


So the Xiaomi Mi 360 Home security camera 2K Pro and 1080p versions can record video even without the internet.

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  1. Alan

    Good video, but can the camera work in standalone mode? When there is no internet connection, how can you view the live feed if the app won’t load?

    1. noviceaide

      I am sorry for such a late reply. The camera cannot give the app a live feed even if they are on the same wifi, if the internet connectivity is not there

      1. Calls

        So, this camera is locked to Xiaomis own web services? No way to use it anymore if Xiaomi deiced to shut the service down?

        1. Novice Aide

          Yes. It will be just a toy without connecting to Xiaomi web Service

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