Maono AU 100 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone Review

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Maono AU 100 lavalier Microphone I think is the preferred microphone for a lot of YouTubers. If you check YouTube for its reviews, you are going to be presented with a seemingly endless list. And by going through other reviews I think this one has its upper hand on Boya M1.

The Box and Unboxing

Maono Au 100 was bought from Amazon to be used as a mic for YouTube Videos in my channel Newbie Helper. The package contained additional clip, windscreen and spare battery. In short, it is a rich one. See the full Unboxing video here.

Maono AU 100 Omni-directional Lavalier microphone unboxing
Maono AU 100 Lavalier Microphone Unboxing

Here is a list of items in the package

  1. Microphone with a battery inside
  2. Windscreen – 2
  3. 6.35mm audio adapter – 1
  4. Clip – 2
  5. Spare Battery 1 – So 2 in total its LR44 type
  6. Carry Pouch
  7. User Guide
Maono Au 100 unboxed
Maono Au 100 unboxed

As I said earlier, the package is a rich one


As in the case of most of the devices now a days, warranty this microphone is valid for 1 year.

The Connectivity

The microphone is attached to a cable , 20 feet long with an amplifier unit sandwiched in. The Amplifier unit has an ON/OFF switch which needs to be turned ON when connected to a non-smartphone device.

Amplifier Unit Maono AU 100

Some people had difficulty in connecting this microphone with mobiles and there is a solution to such a connection issue. In the detail document they specifically ask to download a OpenCamera app for specifically selecting external Mic if it is not working plug-n-play.

I connected this to smartphone, windows PC and a Nikon 5600 DSLR camera and in all these three, it is working fine.

I did not have to use OpenCamera App as my OnePlus 6 automatically detected the mic.

Sound Quality of Maono AU100 microphone

Quality is good with minimal noise and almost complete absence of respiratory sounds in the output. In other words, even with a fan on, Maono AU 100 managed to capture good quality audio.


For the price, it is a steal deal, especially considering the things they included in the package. So in conclusion, this one is a complete package for anyone wanting to buy a microphone.

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