BSNL 4G SIM – Definitely Read This Before You Upgrade from 3G

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BSNL 4G network is in the process of expansion. And people from all over India are being encouraged to upgrade toa BSNL 4G SIMs.

If you are planning to upgrade the SIM card to 4G, watch this video before you proceed.

BSNL Sim Upgrade: Watch This Before You Make The Switch To 4g
Upgrading BSNL SIM card to 4G?

The issue with a new BSNL 4G SIM

The problem with the switch is that the SMS service will be barred in the new SIM for the first 24 hours.

If you have your credit card/ bank account or Aadhar card attached with the phone number, you will not be able to make any transactions or verify your phone number in the next 24 hours. Because the OTP SMS won’t be coming.

Moreover, all the UPI apps are sensitive to a SIM change and will reset on your upgrade to the 4G SIM. As the SMS service is barred, you will not be able to re-verify for the UPI services either. So you will not be able to make UPI transactions either.

BSNL 4g sim change - effect on UPI

This actually is a security feature that protects you from fraud using BSNL SIM. As I can understand, this restriction is also present if you change your BSNL SIM. Either because of damage or SIM not working issue.

If someone fraudulently swaps your SIM, SMS service will not be available for the fraudster too. As you will not be having network in your SIM, you will have 24 hours to take action. Thus preventing something untoward.

How should you proceed

Plan your SIM change beforehand. Make all the necessary transactions before switching the SIM. Then only change the BSNL SIM to 4G.

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