Review of Philips SHE 1525 BK Headphone


This is a quick unboxing video of the Philips SHE 1525 BK Headphone. This is one of the two headphones I bought for 399Rs a piece

Unboxing Philips she 1525 Bk headphone

Bought this as a replacement headphone in case my regular one fails but ended up using it as my regular one for a few months.

The Package of Philips SHE 1525 BK headphone

The Package of Philips SHE 1525 BK

The package contains only two things, the headphone proper and a user manual warranty card combo. Two important things to note here is that the warranty is provided by a company other than Philips, it is valid for a period of 12 months and of course valid only on manufacturing defects.

12 months warranty, outsourced

The Sound quality of SHE 1525 Bk

The sound is loud enough to be heard clearly in noisy places. It does have some distortion and some high-volume audio. There is no point in checking the availability of bass in a cheap headphone so I am skipping that.

Glossy with a touch of premium

The Controls

usr manual philisp she 1525BK Headphone
User Manual

A switch to control the call and music playback and a slider to control volume are the controls present in this headphone.

I checked out all the controls including the triple click with the music player and a podcast app. All of them are in working condition.

The fate

After about two months of usage, the left headphone stopped working and in a week the right one also stopped. Along with the loss of the first side itself, the control unit was also gone. The second headphone also followed suit in another two months pursuing the exact route.

Conclusion of the Review

Stay away from these headphones if you do not want to create more e-waste. I would spend some more money and invest in quality headphones if I was once again considering these headphones.

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