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WiFi error is one of the most annoying bug in the popular mid-range Samsung phone, the Galaxy Ace. Solving the WiFi error without restarting the phone goes a great deal towards usability.

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Solve Wifi Error on Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Problem

The WiFi wont switch on no matter how many times you tried. If you tried the drop down button in the notification center, the icon wont get green and if you open the WiFi settings, you will see an error status with the WiFi turn-on checkbox.

The error persists until you restart your phone. After a restart the WiFi will work fine until next error occur. The problem was present since the launch of the device but no update fixed the problem as promised.

The Solution to the WiFi error

The solution to the WiFi error is reloading the WiFi driver.

There are three Secret codes for reloading the WiFi driver and testing the wlan /WiFi . All of them work exactly the same. So I am not sure about the need for multiple codes. Anyway the codes are,

  1. *#*#526#*#*
  2. *#*#528#*#*
  3. *#*#232339#*#*

punch any of the codes in to the dialer screen. As soon as you press the last ‘*’, the phone will change in to wifi test mode and the following message will be shown

Wlan Test Engineering Mode


Wifi Driver Loading

wait for a few seconds until another message appears as below

Driver loading successful

Driver Loading Successful Galaxy ace

Once this message appear, you can press back button to go to home screen. You may now switch the wifi on with out the error.

The Roadblocks to solving the WiFi error

Sometimes the the message would be

Driver loading unsuccessful

At that point the WiFi error is not resolved. Now you have to try a second solution.

Press on the menu button while in the Wlan test mode ( the screen where ‘Driver loading un/successful’ is shown) and select ‘Rx Test’. Change the channel number to 2 ( I am not sure why but 1 didn’t work). Then press the ‘Start’ button. Wait for one minute (again not sure about the exact timing but too short time wouldn’t work). Stop the test by pressing the button and press back to move to the home screen and try to switch the wifi on.

If the method worked fine WiFi should be on.

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