Use Emoji Keyboard and add Emojis in Windows 11

Adding emojis in Windows machines was a non-starter of a conversation. But emojis spice❤️‍🔥up our discussions considerably. The use of mobile phones made emojis part of our lives. But historically windows devices were quite shy about giving access to them.

But things are on the way to changing drastically for Windows users. There is a way to add emojis in Windows machines be it in the 10th version or the 11th. I am demonstrating the method on a Windows 11 Laptop but the trick will work on Windows 10 too.

Here is a visual guide on adding emoji on windows.

How to Add Emojis Using Emoji Keyboard in  Windows 11 Laptop and Desktop 🤩

Here is the keyboard shortcut to open the emoji keyboard in Windows

Windows Key + Period Key

Once you tap 👆 on the key combo, a new window🪟will appear above all other windows. You can select your preferred💖 emoji from this window by clicking on the desired emoji.

If you cannot find the desired emoji, you can search🔎 for them by typing the keyword in the search bar

Emoji in Windows 11

This keyboard is not just for emojis it supports kaomoji, gifs, and much more. You can access all of them with the same window. You can even search among all of them using keywords.

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