OnePlus 6 – Two Year Review – Part 1

This is a follow up post to my previous one, available at OnePlus 6 review – That moment I realized

Today is the 2180th day since I became a member of OnePlus forum. I was watching OnePlus since its launch in 2014. Like the famous inspiration speaker Simon Sinek titled his book, OnePlus really start ed with a “WHY”.

Over the course of time, OnePlus did live up to their motto “NEVER SETTLE” by improving devices each year, churning out the best in class hardware with the most distilled android experience and that too with a price tag that puts other flagships to shame

I was hoping to buy a OnePlus one day and my desire got fulfilled once I joined service after about 15 years of study in the field.

In a way the purchase of OnePlus 6 was a pat on my back saying ” After years of work, you deserve this, you deserve the best.”

And hence my journey with OnePlus 6 began…

This is a short review of OnePlus 6 for easy readability. Reviewing a 2 year old device is more about the experience than the product itself.

The Purchase – Amazon A breeze

I purchased the mobile from amazon during a sale and got it for nearly Rs 33000( $445). The delivery was typically Amazon – Quick, Professional

The OnePlus 6 Package – Minimal Elegant

The package a OnePlus Standard one. The phone came with charger, pre-applied screen guard, OnePlus cover, some books, warranty card sim tray opener etc etc. I cant remember the rest. One thing I remember is the absence of headphone which was a norm at that time.

Initial Thoughts – Phone was slim, glossy and buttery smooth.

The OnePlus 6 performance – A beast, to date

For smoother performance, many experts advice resetting your phone once in a while. To be precise, at least once in 6 months. But after 2 years, I am yet to reset my phone because it never felt slow.

Crashes – Till now, phone might have crashed or spontaneously restarted may be half a dozen times, that’s all. And most of them were due to software issues and poor connectivity from my cell provider.

The refined, true to base android experience with virtually no bloatware was a relief after trying to unsuccessfully delete bloatware from my previous phones.

Updates – Updates came in regularly, but as of late, not every month. This is understandable as support stretching beyond 2 years is a rarity these days

The Battery – 2 Years and counting

After around 2 years of very heavy use, I can attest that the battery in my OnePlus 6 has more than 1000 cycles in its credits, a sure 500 more than the usual limit.

Major Non-app battery drainers are

  • Wifi Hotspot
  • GPS Navigation
  • 4G Data Transfer

Just by switching 4G data off, standby battery drain is <1% per hour.

While I was contemplating the purchase of OnePlus 6, one thing that was causing me concern was the size of battery, ie 3300 mAh.

But I soon realized that my concern was unfounded. As there was no room for extravagance battery use, everything is optimized nicely. This helps in tow fronts, performance and endurance. I guess engineers at OnePlus had to optimize everything to squeeze out the last drop of performance per capacity.

For reading further head to Part 2 of this review.

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